Indoor Kiosk
Able to manage variety of functions such as reservation,
application, purchase, etc at once!
This kiosk support various funtions such as as reservation, application, purchase, etc.
Especially, ergonomically designed to convenience interface.

    Compact and well suited size for any environment
  • - Width*Depth*Height : 510mm * 204mm * 1522mm
  • Via infrared proximity sensors, the approach radius 1 ~ 2m, being switched from standby mode of operation, maximizing power savings of standby
  • 17-inch touch function applied to the LCD monitor, improve various search operations and customer convenience
  • RFID card to the reader function, can be applied to facilitate service using contactless cards
  • For your ease of operation and maintenance, provided with a mouse and mouse pad operations
  • A built-in two speakers for voice guidance, customers can access information and various audio guide
  • Information on the screen left and right protective shields attached (acrylic sheet plate), and should not allow a glimpse of the client operating information.
  • For a smooth power supply to power emergency, built a UPS