Outdoor Kiosk
Protection against cold,wet and dust!
New generation outdoor kiosk built with the emergency power supply system!
Kiosk was used inside building, bank and limited area only.
However, Outdoor kiosk can be used and providing service anytime and at anywhere.

Outdoor Kiosk not only supporting protection against cold, wet, but also built with UPS to supply power and essential features to operate at outdoor.

    Strong enclosure against external shocks
  • - Zinc plated steel plate and fluorine resin has coating treatment using the outdoor paint.
  • - Parts such as a bolt and nut, is used the stainless steel or plated material.
  • - Painted enclosure for rust prevention
    Optimised for operation against cold,wet and dust.
  • - Vents to minimize backflow through the cooling fan vent is designed as a cover or structure kkeokin
  • - Installing the dust filter on the intake port
  • - Designed double enclosure with the waterproof and heat dissipation.
    Maximize advertising effectiveness on a large monitor
  • - 19” LCD monitor x2 units, in the top screen, various content be advertising and bottom of the screen is used for operation screen like searching information and business hadling.
  • - The large monitor products such as 42 inches, flexibly dividing the screen size from top to bottom, It is possible to maximize the utilization of the operator.
    Applying business
  • - Coin Locker, bicycle storage stations, Unmanned parcel service, Etc

The real application case

(Goyang Eco-bike kiosks Case System)

For efficient bicycles of local residents, “Eco-Bike" has established a public bicycle rental system in Goyang city, Gyeonggi-do.
The living cohesive Eco-Bike system on station, connected commercial, station influence area, uptown with station by ubiquitous system, is provided lending bicycles and managing the control center.

If want to borrow a bike from a bike station, would be check confirmation of membership and register bicycles retal at Kiosk. After then, take approved bicycle. When you want to return it. It is possible to return near by any Eco-Bike station.