Finger/Palm Scanner

Live Fingerprint Scanner LS-300
Compact, lightweight, high-quality fingerprint / palmprint scanners
Live Scanner is a fingerprint scanner that acquires the plane of the fingers and palm, palm side generates a fingerprint image at a time. Additionally, acquires the fingerprint images from side to side of finger by rotating the finger.

It is high-level equipment for law enforcement agencies from around the world that is used for registering personal information of criminal suspects.

Get the high-quality fingerprint, palmprint images

- It is composed of high-resolution camera and optical system of multi-layer structure lens, So high-quality fingerprint image can be obtained in this 508DPI

Robust durability

No deformation and breakage, even more if the load 70kg,
IP43 waterproof

Ease of use

Any rolling of fingers is possible
provided of function switch and foot switch in order to easy to use
Easy to check by providing the status lamp(LED) and buzzer
Designed in order to well-getting the fingerprint images of oriental people

Several function

Automatic recognizing function of finger position
Automatic recognizing function of image quality
Self-check function of machine
Condensation prevention function of the prism.