Self-service Kiosk WK-350
Fast and easy betting ticket kiosk!
Satisfy all customers!
Betting ticket kiosk for cycle and motorboat racing is manipulated by customer with a marked betting slip then print betting ticket.

    The use of customer-centric ease
  • - Direct customer for convenient touch-screen operation
  • - High resolution TFT LCD monitor
  • - Thermal transfer printers sophisticated noise-free printing
  • - In the case of failure Manager call feature
    Fault tolerance and ease of administration
  • - Operations manager for device management screen and Interfaces
  • - Journal deals with print output and fault history function
  • - Vending machine displays real-time status of each species of failure by LED and Buzzer function for emergencies
  • - Identify the content on the LCD display with disabilities and rapid recovery action is possible
  • - The maintenance of each configuration module enables easy installation and removal