JAPAN Sports Betting(TOTO) Terminal JB-300
Smart sports betting terminal for JAPAN !
This is a next generation of sports betting terminal in JAPAN sports betting since 2006.
JB-300(SLT) supports cashing and selling ticket with scanner, ticket printer, receipt printer, pin pad and customer display. JB-350(LCT) supports cashing ticket with scanner and receipt printer.

SLT is the vending machine, that works checking the mark card, issuing the ticket, and checking the winning of the ticket. We established 3,000 machines all around of Japan.
LCT is the checking machine that is established at the bank branches, and works checking the winning ticket in order to refund for the high-winnings.

  • By applying the IR touch screen, improved ease of display operation
  • Easy to install and easy to move, because of small, lightweight design
  • Because of ergonomically designed, easy to insert the mark card, and easy to emission the ticket
  • Ticket issuing function, and checking the winning ticket function
  • For easy to maintenance, improved the maintainability by modular mounting
  • High reliable machine by passing the VCCI certification test.

Vending machines(SLT)

Check Machines (LCT)